Sign Components

Order your own custom signs with our sign components. Easily installed using basic tools.


Panels - Posts - Clips - Screws - Bolts

Use our sign components to ensure you have the correct fixings for your signs. Wall signs can be fixed with screws and plugs. Gate and fence signs can be fixed with our many different fence/gate fixing kits. Posts can be supplied in any colour to match school colours. 

Use 78mm grey posts to support the sign facia with 13mm nuts and bolts. Posts are easily cemented into the ground with Postcrete.

Use 78mm post caps to protect the top of the posts and add a final decoration to the post.


We can paint posts any colour to match your school colours.

Sign Panels

We use aluminium panels to make our school signs. This material offers a smooth weatherproof surface that will last for years, all signs can have an anti graffiti film placed over the design on the front if required. We can cut the materials to any shape.

78mm round base plates can be used to hold the sign posts in the ground.

Add finials to the tops of sign posts.

Clips can be used to mount two panels back to back to create a double sided sign.

Use aluminium strips and bolts to mount to railings or mesh gates etc.

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